B&D Roller-A-Door®

Using roller doors for your garage can enhance the stylish design of your home. Our high quality, quiet garage doors come in extensive colorbond colours that can match any style. These doors are fitted with heavy duty springs that are specially designed to withstand extreme and harsh Australian climate.

Roll-A-Door is available in several models and types for residential and commercial markets, with varying specifications and lengths to suit your requirements.


Smooth and Silent Operation

  • Nylofelt running strips on both sides of the door keep operation smooth and silent year after year

Strong and Durable Doors

  • The roller doors are stamped with rigid structural patterns, giving a flat surface for the door curtain which prevents sagging. Powerful heavy duty springs make the door last longer.

Protection from Harsh Weather

  • We use materials like Colorbond steel which are developed to resist harsh Australian climate conditions. Weather Seal provides excellent barrier against dust and the elements.

Roller Door Options:

  • Roll-A-Door - Top of the line design and features make this door a popular choice.
  • Rollmasta - Value for money are yours with the high quality, durable and attractive roller door at budget price.
  • ​Firmadoor - Affordable price for custom made features, strength and durability.
  • ​Stormshield-High Wind - Added protection against high wind conditions; certified for Australia cyclone regions.
B&D Firmadoor