B&D AutomaticsĀ®

B&D Automatic garage door openers are designed to provide convenience by allowing remote operation through the use of smart phones so you can ensure your doors are secured even when you are out of your house.

The reliable garage door automation is run by a very powerful but quiet motor that delivers soft yet firm movement which greatly reduces stress on the door during operation.



  • Heavy duty motor power of 1000N functions with an ultra quiet belt drive for a smooth start and stop movement that reduces stress on the door.
  • Provided with long lasting automatic courtesy LED light, Premium Remote Control, Wall Mount remote Control and an optional Smartphone Control Kit that gives access to door operation whenever or wherever you are located.


  • Powered by a heavy duty 1000N motor with the ability to deliver soft start and stop operation with flexible control settings for power output and varied speed.
  • Automatic LED courtesy light, Premium Remote Control, Wall Mount remote Control and an optional Smartphone Control kit that allows you to monitor your automatic garage door from your work or from any place.

Control-A-Door S

  • Run by a reliable 800N motor that results in gentle stop and start movement of the automatic garage door.
  • It is provided with an automatic courtesy LED light and includes Premium Remote Controls and a Wall Mount Remote Control.

Controll-A-Door Power Drive

  • This is our most popular automatic garage door opener for Roller Doors. It is powered by a quiet 600N motor that delivers a soft start and stop effortless operation reducing stress on the door.
  • It comes with a Premium Remote Control, a Wall Mount Remote Control and long life LED automatic courtesy light.


  • The B&D Keypad allows entry to the garage without using key or any remote control by typing your PIN code.
  • The PE beams can be fitted as a safety feature that automatically stops the door from closing to prevent accidents.
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